Search photos

Search photos:

On the menu bar, press < Fotogalerie >.

Then pictures of the various models are shown with their name. Choose the disered model.

Thumbnails of the photos are shown. If you click on a thumbnail then the large photos opens in a popup. You can scroll through all the large photos with left and rightkeys. You can also use next and previous shown left and right on the photo.

At request of the model photos can be protected with a password.


Search function:

On the menu bar, press < Fotogallerie >

If you know the name or part of the model you can write this in the search function. This is located halfway down the page with the text < Zoek in album >. You will see all the results of your search.

Click on the thumbnail for a large photo, or click on the < Categorie: > to see the whole photoshoot. 



Under each thumbnail of the model there is a download button. Press to download the large photo. You can also use your right mouse button to download the photo.

If you want to print the photos, please send me an email with the name of the photo. I will send you the large files.